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6th European Workshop on Equine Nutrition in Lisbon

The 6th EWEN will be held in Lisbon (Portugal) between the 20th and 22nd of June 2012 and it will take place at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Technical University of Lisbon.

The scientific programme of the workshop will focus on several topics divided into six main sessions, each with a highly reputed keynote speaker as well as free communications (20th and 22nd of June).

1. Plant physiology and its relation to feeding value (Chair: Jan Erik Lindberg; Keynote Speaker: Perttu Virkajärvi)

2. Nutritional assessment of forage quality (Chair: Pat Harris; Keynote Speaker: Annette Longland)

3. a) Grazing /Ingesting behavior (Chair: Geert Janssens; Keynote Speaker: Koldo Osoro and Geraldine Fleurance)

3. b) Grazing and pasture management (Chair: Maria João Fradinho; Keynote Speaker: Ray Smith)

4. Impact of harvest, preservation and storage conditions on forage quality (Chair: Manfred Coenen; Keynote Speaker: Cecilia Muller).

5. Forage feeding systems (Chair: Markku Saastamoinen; Keynote Speaker: Anna Jansson)

6. a) Sustainable development of rural areas with horses (Chair: William Martin-Rosset; Keynote Speaker: Nicoletta Miraglia)

6. b) Sustainable development of rural areas with horses – socio-economic aspects (Chair: Véronique Julliand; Keynote Speaker: Bridget Young).

On the 21st of June there will be a full-day technical tour to introduce all attendees to the Portuguese equine production systems, including our local horse breeds, traditions and equestrian practices.

Note that EWEN is one of the main international forums on equine nutrition and all related areas. This time it will take place in Lisbon, capital of Fado and recognized as Europe’s Leading Destination 2011, which will certainly attract experts, technicians and professionals on the subject from all over the world.