3 equestrians suspended after drug testing at Reddick event

3 equestrians suspended after drug testing at Reddick event

The FEI suspended Jennie Brannigan, Hannah Sue Burnett and Alyssa Phillips.

Three U.S. equestrian eventers who competed in last month’s Ocala Jockey Club International in Reddick have been suspended by the sport’s governing body after it reported the three tested positive for prohibited drugs.

The Fédération Equestre Internationale suspended Jennie Brannigan, Hannah Sue Burnett and Alyssa Phillips after they tested positive for amfetamine during the November event, according to a FEI press release Friday. Phillips also tested positive for canrenone, a prohibited substance. Brannigan also test positive for methylphenidate and ritalinic acid, both prohibited.

Burnett was the winner of the Jockey Club International CIC 3 with Harbour Pilot. CICs are FEI ratings for the equestrian events.

“The athletes have been provisionally suspended from the date of notification (21 December) until the FEI Tribunal renders a decision, but can request the lifting of the provisional suspension and ask for testing of the B sample within the next 21 days,” the FEI said in the press release Friday.

“In order to maintain the integrity of the ongoing legal process, the FEI will not comment further on any of these cases,” the organization said.

The substances are prohibited based on the 2017 Prohibited List of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The riders are prohibited from participating in any FEI-sanctioned and United States Equestrian Federation-sanctioned activities, in accordance with WADA’s Mandatory Provisional Suspension requirements.

Amfetamine is a stimulant, as is methylphenidate. Ritalinic acid is a metabolite of methylphenidate. Canrenone is mainly used as a diuretic.

Burnett, 31, won €12.500 for her first-place finish in Reddick.

The FEI will decide what to do about the riders’ standings in the Reddick event and prize money.


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