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Bullfighting News

Andy Cartagena's loss…

The spanish «rejoneador» Andry Cartagena has lost one of his top horses, the Lusitano Quito. The horse was rushed too late to the veterinary hospital in Alicante and underwent emergency

Bullfighting News

«El Califa» may return to the bullfighting arenas

According to José Diaz Flores “Pepe Flores”, an agreement has been reached in Madrid with the Spanish matador José Pacheco “El Califa”, may return to the bullfighting arenas after a

Bullfighting News

Menno Meyjes will direct film on Manolete

Adrien Brody and Penelope Cruz will star in Manolete, about legendary matador Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez and his love affair with actress Lupe Sino. The picture will be helmed by Menno