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Polo captain: Vitamin supplement killed 21 ponies

The 21 polo ponies that died in Wellington Sunday were all injected before the game with a vitamin supplement called Biodyl — and team members believe a tainted dose caused

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21 Horses dead at Wellington polo club

The death toll is now 21 horses struck by a mysterious ailment just before competition at the U.S. Open polo tournament in Wellington, according to media reports today. At least

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Europe stockpiles 1m doses of African Horse Sickness vaccine

The AHS Working Group, which was founded and is led by Buckinghamshire charity The Horse Trust, brings together the government, scientists and the horse industry to work on an action

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Horse Allergic To Grass

Pandora, a thoroughbred mare, is suffering from an almost unheard of complaint – she is allergic to grass. The five-year-old spends her life encased in a specially designed high-tech coverall

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FEI creates commission on medication and doping

On behalf of all those who contribute to the equestrian family, the FEI, governing body of international equestrian sport, today announced the creation of a commission on medication and doping

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New protocol for testing showjumping horses

With effect from 1 January 2009 thermographic and clinical examinations of horses during high-level showjumping competitions will come into force and has been approved for use by the FEI. Directly

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BEIJING 2008: Ointment at centre of Olympic horse drug scandal

Could a “Deep Heat” style product, used on sore muscles, have been the undoing of four showjumpers whose mounts returned positive tests for a banned substance at the Olympic Games?

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Olympic horses shiver in sub-tropical Hong Kong

Horses competing in the Olympics will have had to contend with the city's sweltering heat, but so far they have just been suffering from icy air-conditioning, a newspaper said on

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Commission adopts single passport and matching chip for horses

The European Commission adopted a Regulation that will help improve the health of horses, donkeys and other members of the “equine” family, as it creates a better and clearer identification

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Horses are able to count, say researchers

A study in Britain proves that horses have the same ability to count as 10-month-old infants. Researchers allowed horses to watch plastic apples being placed out of sight in buckets.